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Montessori Method

The underlying foundation of our school is respect:

  1. I respect myself: true learning is respect.

  2. I respect my friends: we are social beings and our actions affect others.

  3. I respect my environment: our main duty in life.

It is imperative for a child’s learning and for the smooth functioning of our school community that each child learn the “cycle of activity”:

  1. I choose my work.

  2. I complete it properly.

  3. I put it away, ready for the next person.

We are working on normalization (a child in harmony with self and environment). This is accomplished as a child learns to work and enjoys working. Work (the process, not the product) is what brings fulfillment of the FIVE MAIN GOALS:

  1. Concentration: The ability to observe and comprehend, the ability to remain focused on a task for ever increasing amounts of time.

  2. Independence: in choices, in decision-making, in care of person and environment, and in the responsibility for learning.

  3. Control and Coordination: of body, mind and heart.

  4. Purposeful Activity: learning to engage in purposeful activity, as opposed to chaotic or nervous activity.

  5. Joyful Accomplishment: to experience the feeling of, and to quest for joyful accomplishment (the positive experience is what propels a child to accept himself and and desire further knowledge).

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