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Pre School – Bee Cave

Lake Hills Montessori Bee Cave provides a Montessori education for children from Pre School to Kindergarten (2 – 6). Our Young Primary program starts at the age of 2 and is where you child will start to build a foundation that will begin their love of learning and where they will be able to explore their many interests and strengths. The Primary program starts at approximately 2 years and 9 months and is where your child will continue their Montessori education of understanding not just the concrete but the abstract concepts. Montessori emphasizes and encourages the use of all five senses for learning, rather than  just reading, listening and watching. Children in Montessori classes learn at their own, individual pace and according to their own choice of activities from hundreds of possibilities. Learning is an exciting process of discovery, leading to concentration, motivation, self-discipline, and a love of learning.

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