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2018/2019 LAKE HILLS MONTESSORI Calendar

August 1st - 9th                      -      Fall Transition Begins

August 10th, 13th & 14th      -      Closed - Teacher In Service

August 15th                             -      Start of Fall Semester

August 30th                             -      P1 & P2, Back to School Night

August 31st                             -       YP, P3 & P4, Back to School Night

September 3rd                       -      Closed for Labor Day

September 7th                       -       Vision and Hearing Screening

October 8th                            -       Teacher In-Service (Student Holiday)

October 10th (8:30-10:30)     -      School Photos (P1 & P2)

October 11th (8:30-10:30)     -      School Photos (P3 & P4)

October 12th (8:30-10:30)     -      School Photos (YP & Class)

October 25th (8:30-10:30)     -      School Photos Retakes (Tentative)

October 26th                           -      Coffee Morning Parent Workshop

November 15th                       -      Thanksgiving Feast (P3 & P4)

November 16th                       -      Thanksgiving Feast (YP, P1 & P2)

November 19th - 23rd            -     Closed for Thanksgiving

December 8th (3 - 6pm)         -      WINTER WONDERLAND 

December 21st                        -      WInter Break (early release 

                                                          12noon/Teacher In-Service)

December 24th-January 4th   -     Closed for Winter Break

January 7th                                -     Teacher in Service (Student Holiday)

January 8th                                -     Spring Semester Begins

January 21st                              -     Teacher In-Service MLK Day (Student


February 4th - 15th                  -     Children Sharing their Work Month

February 15th                           -     Teacher/Parent Conferences (Student


March 8th                                   -     Parent Kindergarten Coffee

March 18th - 22nd                     -     Closed for SPRING BREAK

April 19th                                    -     Closed

April 22nd                                   -     Earth Day Celebration

April 26th                                    -     Coffee Morning Parent Workshop

May 10th  (7:30-9am)                -     Mother's Day Breakfast (AM Drop off)

May 27th                                     -     Closed for Memorial Day

June 3rd                                       -    Teacher In-Service (Student Holiday)

June 4th                                       -    First Day of Summer Program

June 14th (7:30-9am)                 -    Fathers Day Breakfast (AM Drop off)

July 3rd  (10am)                           -    4th of July Parade

July 4th - 5th                                -   Closed - Independence Day, Staff/Student


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