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Schedule Information

Arrival: All children must arrive at Lake Hills Montessori by 8:30 am. It is important for your child to arrive on time to ensure your child’s participation in all classroom activities. On time arrivals allow teachers the opportunity to greet each child and welcome them to the classroom. We begin our day with circle time and a group lesson. Children who miss these lessons are deprived of this time and routine. In addition, when children enter the classroom after 8:30 am, it is disruptive to students and teachers who are engaged in lessons.

Attendance: It is important for your child to attend regularly in order to fulfill your child’s need for consistency and order. This also enables your child to participate fully in class lessons and other learning experiences. Parents must contact the school when a child is absent.

Dismissal: All children must be picked up promptly at their designated dismissal time: 12:00 noon, 3:00 pm or 6:00 pm. Any parent arriving to pick up their child after their designated dismissal time will be charged a late fee of $10 per hour. We understand that emergencies and extenuating circumstances periodically arise which are beyond your control. In this case, please call the school 30 minutes before your child’s dismissal time to avoid the late fee. You will then be charged $5 per hour (drop-in rate). This rate will not be pro-rated, so if you use 10 minutes of that hour, you will still be charged for the entire hour. Late fees can be added to your Tuition statement or paid separately.  There is $50 late fee for any parent arriving after 6pm.

School Closure: Lake Hills Montessori follows the Eanes ISD closure schedule. Listen to the radio or watch the television for school closure information. If the Director decides to close the school early due to inclement weather, we will contact all parents with instructions for picking up their children.

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